Thursday, 27 October 2016

Chinese city inundated with clean butts

Also in the news (a glance at some stranger news stories):
Butts, there are too many butts.
One Chineses city has had to stop offering tissues for butts because of too many butts.
In Shengzhou, Zhejuang Province, China, people were encoured to collect discarded cigarette butts from the streets and hand them in for a reward of a pack of tissues.
They were rewarded with a pack of tissues for every 50 cigarette butts they collected and handed in.
It proved popular. Way too popular.

There were butts everywhere. However, not a lot of dirty butts. And you only get tissues for dirty butts.

They were inundated with butts. Almost five million of them. But the authorities cried foul play as the butts didn't seem to be dirty enough.

They believed people were shipping the butts from out of the city as they were just too clean to have been picked up from the streets.

One old lady had over 9,000 butts. Probably from her own personal supply. She smoked a lot. Reminds me of my grandmother. That'd be about a week's supply.

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