Sunday, 30 October 2016

Stranger News: Brides banned from dancing at their own weddings

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Brides banned from dancing at their own weddings.
They are also banned from cutting the wedding cake with their new husband.
The Mayor of Grozny, in the Russian republic of Chechnya, banned cake cutting and any indecent dance moves at Chechen weddings.
The bans on cake cutting and indecent dance moves, as well as showing up drunk and being dressed in a way "that doesn't conform with the Chechen mentality" are an attempt by the Mayor to "Safeguard the spiritual and moral development" of young Chechens from what it believes are increasingly Western influences.
Whilst dancing, partners must be held at arms length. And under no circumstances should the bride be allowed to dance.
All Weddings in Chechnya will be observed by officials who will immediately put a stop to any inappropriate behaviour they witness.
Acting Minister of Culture, Khozh Baudi Daayev, said, "Our special working groups will stop proceedings if they see clothing or dance moves deemed alien to our national customs and traditions."
The Morality Police, as local media have dubbed them, will stop any proceedings.
President Ramzan Kadyrov has condemned "Western cultural imports."
These include: drinking alcohol, the bride and groom cutting their wedding cake together, wearing of skimpy clothing, celebratory gunfire, and spontaneous dancing.
There are mixed reactions to the Morality Police monitoring weddings in Grozny.
One local resident said: "The authorities are trying to control the public as much as possible. What next, are they going to monitor funerals?"
Another commented: "They are right to do this. Traditional weddings often turn into discos."
What would you prefer, a traditional wedding or a disco? Comment below.

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