Thursday, 27 October 2016

Theodore Roosevelt and the Teddy Bear Massacre

History Fun Fact for October 27th

On the 27th October, 1858, Theodore Roosevelt was born.

He would later become an American Colonel and, of course, the 26th President of the United States of America.
But his most famous achievement was winning the costly war of the Cuddly Toy Revolution.
It's an almost forgotten part of American history.
Started by a small fluffy bear, the war escalated until Theodore Roosevelt took direct control of the American forces and utterly destroyed the Cuddly Toy Revolution, which led to the subjugation of all cuddly toys from then until all of eternity.
The cuddly teddy bears didn't count on the courage of Theodore Roosevelt, and his ability to venture into the woods in disguise. And, although Roosevelt got a surprise when he went down to the woods that day, he composed himself and massacred every last bear whilst they were eating quiche.
Thus, after that frightful and terrifying day, Roosevelt, as a badge of honour, was forever known as Teddy Roosevelt.

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