Saturday, 8 October 2016

The Queen Mother who tried to kill the King

The Queen Mother who got snubbed at a party, so plotted to overthrow a king.

On This Day in History, October 8th, in 1200, Isabella of Angouleme was crowned Queen Consort of England.
Isabella was married to King John of England, the hated one from Robin Hood, until his death in 1216.
She did her duty, a lot. She bore him five children, one of whom, Henry III, became King of England after his father's death.
Upon the death of her Kingly husband, King John, she spent a few years trying to find another that could be worthy of her lady garden.
She couldn't find anyone so found Hugh X of Lusignan, the Count of La Marche instead. She married him in 1220. She then got busy and had another nine children with her new husband.
Isabella was vain, capricious, and a bit of a trouble maker. She would not be content with popping out the sprogs for her new husband.
Starting rumours and putting cling film (seran wrap) over toilet seat was not enough for the former Queen consort of England. And being a mere Queen Mother of England was also not enough, especially in the French court.
In France she was just the Countess of La Marche. She had to give precedence to other women, including Blanche of Castile, the mother of the King of France, Louis IX.
This royally pissed her off.
What to do?
Yep, conspire to overthrow the French King. It was the only logical conclusion to being snubbed by the French Queen Mother at a party.
Unfortunately the plot to overthrow King Louis IX failed.
However, Isabella would not let that failure consume her. She would let the matter rest. Until she saw her chance and bribed two royal cooks to poison King Louis IX.
It didn't work, either.
The cooks were arrested and tortured. They confessed to being paid to poison the king by Isabella.
She fled the city and gained sanctuary in Fontevraud Abbey where she died two years later.

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