Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Very Random thoughts...Snow and Dinosaurs

All my thoughts are random. Just thought I'd re-iterate that little gem. And in today's randomness, I thought I'd blog about the weather and dinosaurs.

There is snow in the air. Some of it even hit the ground, although not really very much, but, oh boy, what a panic it caused. Roads were closed, the trains came to a stand still and even an airport was closed.

But the biggest panic had nothing to do with the snow. It was down to black ice. I walked through town earlier and, as it was dark (due to the council turning off all the street lights to save money), and the tarmac was black, I failed to notice black ice underfoot. My left leg went forwards, my right leg went backwards and I was stuck doing the splits, having nearly been torn in two like the wishbone of a chicken. Needless to say I am very sore and tender.

However, my first reaction was not, 'Ouch, that frigging hurts, did I tear something precious to me down there?' But was instead (as I looked around in panic), 'I hope no one saw me.'

I don't think anyone did. Panic averted.

And on to dinosaurs.

I read earlier, that the oldest dinosaur to walk the Earth was discovered in the corridors of the Natural History Museum. Now, I had two thoughts;

1) How cool is that? The 'Night at the Museum' movie was real.
2) That is handy as I'm writing a novel about dinosaurs, and dinosaurs roaming the streets of London will only make it more saleable.

But, alas, this oldest dinosaur to have ever walked the Earth (called Nayasasaurus Parrigntoni if you were interested) found in the corridors of the Natural History Museum, was not a fully grown and growling dinosaur looking for some visitors to chew on, but a small fossil on a shelf.

The fossil likely comes from a dinosaur that roamed the Earth 245 million years ago, 10-15 million years earlier than any other dinosaur.

Still not as old as Bruce Forsyth, though.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Shall we start again?

Well, by that, I mean shall I start again?

It's been a few years since I've posted anything, so I thought I should give this blogging lark another go. There is one person to thank for me trying this out again, a very special person I liken to an armadillo. Crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey in the middle.

I won't name her, but she told me I should do this. And when she tells you something, you do it or suffer the wrath. If only she had given me some ideas on what to write, I'd have been set. But no. No ideas. Not one. Nada, zilch. Nothing. And ideas on what to write in a blog is the reason I haven't done it.

So, anyways, you'll have to bear with me. A few random thoughts are probably going to be very random, and with not a lot of thought. Thinking does give me such headaches.

I'll be back. As soon as I have a random thought.