Tuesday, 1 September 2015

1st September - ON THIS DAY

Image result for anne boleynON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 1st of September
1st of September, 1532, Lady Anne Boleyn gets well and truly wooed by King Henry-Of-The-Many-Number (VIII) of England. He made her the Marquess of Pembroke. T'was a gesture that didn't quite get her to agree to bump uglies with him.
She is a true lady, and quite the manipulative one at that, and tells the infatuated king that he may not wave his royal sceptre in her direction unless they are married and she is pronounced Queen.
It really was a loving relationship that would last forever. Not.
Image result for louis xiv1st of September, 1715, King Louis XIV of France finally kicked the bucket after a staggering 72 years on the throne.
It was the longest reign of any major European monarch, although not as long as the rain that has lasted over northern Scotland for the last thousand years.
Image result for alien finger1st September, 1979, Pioneer 11 flew/sailed/trundled/sped past Saturn, becoming the first man-made object to visit the planet. Well, less of a visit and more of a can't-stop-no-brakes-see-you-later.
The aliens thought this rude, and are currently planning an invasion because of this snub to their hospitality.
Image result for monkey assassin1st of September, 1997, the death, by way of car accident and head meeting dashboard, of Diana, Princess of Wale, was announced by Buckingham Palace.
True Story: The night before, I was driving home in the early hours of the morning, and the news came over the radio that Diana had been involved in a car crash and had been rushed to a French hospital with suspected broken arm.
Fast forward a bit, after I'd been to bed, woken up, drunk my normal four coffees in a row, I switch on the television and the news is not good - Diana died as a result of her injuries.
Which is when I came to the conclusion that French hospitals were even worse than British hospitals. She only had a broken arm. How the heck do they treat that in France that results in death?