Wednesday, 5 October 2016

History Fun Facts for October 5th

Fun History Facts for October 5th

On This Day In History, October 5th, 1582, in Italy, Spain, Poland and Portugal, nothing existed. Not even October 5th.
This was due to the change to the Gregorian calendar. October 4th, yesterday, was immediately followed by October 15th. A good excuse to forget to give someone a birthday card.
On This Day In History in 1910, the monarchy of Portugal was overthrown in a revolution, and Portugal was declared a republic.
On This Day in 1962, Dr. No, the not-actually-the-first James Bond film was released. Obviously no one counts "that" version of Casino Royale, that doesn't exist.
On This Day In History in 1285, Philip III of France died of Me-Pooper-Won't-Stop-A-Pooping.
King Philip III of France was also called Philip the Bold, because he invented the darker font.
Philip the Bold was called The Bold, as he was pretty darned good on horseback and more than capable in combat. However, as a King, he was timid and indecisive, and pretty useless.
During the Battle of the Col de Panissars, a bout of what-the-hell-is-wrong-with-my-bottom hit the camp of Philip the Bold.
Four days later, craps-a-lot hit the King himself and all hell broke loose. Out of his arse. And he died.

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