Saturday, 8 October 2016

Fun Historical Facts for October 8th


On This Day In History in 1075, Dmitar Zvonimir is crowned King of Coatia.
He later died of natural causes on April 20th, 1089.
Or did he?
There is a legend surrounding the death of Zvonimir, that he was assassinated by his personal chaplain.
The chaplain, Tadija Slocinac snuck into the King's bed, had his wicked way with him whilst the King slept, then stabbed him in both eyes with baby hedgehogs. 
Of course, that's just legend. Or, is it?
On This Day in History in 1200, Isabella of Angouleme was crowned Queen Consort of England.
Isabella was married to King John of England, the hated one from Robin Hood, until his death in 1216.
She did her duty, a lot. She bore him five children, one of whom, Henry III, became King of England after his father's death.
Upon the death of her Kingly husband, King John, she spent a few years trying to find another that could be worthy of her lady garden.
She couldn't find anyone so found Hugh X of Lusignan, the Count of La Marche instead. She married him in 1220. She then got busy and had another nine children with her new husband.
On This Day in 1582, still no history in 1582 in Poland, Spain, Italy and Portugal.
Those missing days between October 4th and October 15th will never be retrieved. No birthday presents for anyone who happened to be born between those dates. Son of a bi...
On This Day In History in 1793, John Hancock died.
John Hancock was an American smuggler, later a statesman, and Governor of Massachusetts. However, he is most famed for his signature. He was one of the men who signed the United States Declaration of Independence. A signature so large and lavish, that it was one of the few that could be seen from space.
It is the reason why someone's signature is now known as a John Hancock.
John Hancock did have a go at becoming president, although he didn't get far. He only got four electoral votes, and none of them were from his home state of Massachusetts. They all voted for another man from Massachusetts, John Adams, who later went on to become the Vice President to George Washington.
Hancock's health was failing and died in bed with his wife at the age of 56. The new Governor of Massachusetts, Samuel Adams, made the day of John Hancock's funeral a state holiday and made his funeral one of the grandest of any American of the time.

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