Friday, 7 October 2016

Fun Historical Facts for October 7th


On This Day in History in 14BC, Nero Claudius Drusus was born.
He later became known as Drusus Julius Caesar, because everyone wanted to be a Julius Caesar, after he became the Roman Emperor.
Drusus Julius Caesar was the only son of Emperor Tiberius and his first wife Vipsania Agrippina.
As was common at the time with Roman Emperors, he was murdered, allegedly by his new wife, Livilla.
His father, Emperor Tiberius, was also assassinated. He was killed on the 16th of March, 37, yes, that's actually a real year, by a pillow.
The pillow may have just been where his head was resting whilst he slept. Or it may have been above his head, being pressed down, really hard, by Caligula. No one is quite sure.
Tiberius died in Misenum, aged 78, after placing himself in exile for the last years of his life. Everyone had it in for him. That bloke. The bloke over there. The geezer sitting down. The fairy on top of the Christmas tree. The gnome in his neighbour's front garden. Everyone.
The guy was a little paranoid.
And not well liked.
On This Day in 929, Charles III, or Charles the Simple, King of West Francia, died.
Charles the Simple was the third and posthumous son of King Louis the Stammerer and the Stammerer's second wife Adelaide of Paris. Okay, that's sick. Who the hell would do that to a dead ... Oh, he was alive during conception, she just gave birth to Charles after he died.
Charles didn't become king after his father died, as his half-brother, Carloman II, got there first.
Charles also missed out when Carloman died, as Emperor Charles the Fat moved fast for a fat bloke and sat down on the throne quicker than he ate all the pies.
Charles the Simple, and I'm beginning to understand why he was called that, also missed out on the throne when Charles the Fat was deposed. It was Odo from Deep Space Nine who clamed the throne, not that anyone realised, as he was able to shape shift and pretended to be a Klingon.
Charles the Simple, ever being simple, was placed under the protection of Ranulf II, the Duke of Aquitaine, who then claimed the throne for himself.
Sheesh, Charles can't catch a break.
It wasn't until after the death of the Changeling that Charles the Simple was crowned King.
However, in reality Charles was far from simple.
On June, 15th, 923, King Robert 1st of France was killed at the Battle of Soissons by King Charles The Simple in single combat.
Although, saying that, Charles the Simple was later defeated by Rudolph, the Duke of Burgundy, who threw a reindeer at him after an argument about whether Santa existed.
On This Day in History in 1582, still no history in Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal, as the day didn't exist. Everyone was held in stasis for a week and a half after the introduction of the Gregorian Calendar.

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