Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Historical Fun Facts for October 12th

On This Day In History in 1537 King Edward VI of England was born.

Edward VI was the son of Henry-The-Eight-All-The-Pies and Jane-Three-Of-Six-Seymour. He was crowned King of England at the age of nine-years-old, and died when he was 15-years-old.

As such, he never reached the age of majority and the kingdom was ruled by a Regency Council. After he became ill, he wrote a will stating he wanted his cousin Lady Jane Grey, the Nine-Day Queen, to succeed him.

However, this didn't work out well for Lady Jane, as Mary took the crown and had her executed.

Off with her head.
Fun Fact About Edward VI: He was replaced by a pauper called Tom Canty.
On This Day In History in 1492, Christopher Columbus and his famous expedition made landfall in the Caribbean.
And immediately came face to face with Johnny Depp. Oh, the horror.
On This Day in History in 1582 in Poland, Italy, Spain and Portugal, the nations were left in a Zombie state as the day didn't exist thanks to the implementation of the Gregorian Calendar. Sucks to have you birthday today back in 1582. No presents for you.
On This Day in History in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials came to an end after William Phips, the Massachusetts Governor wrote a letter stating, "These aren't the droids you are looking for."
On This Day in History in 1748, the Battle of Havana is fought between British and Spanish naval forces during the War of Jenkins' ear.
On This Day in 1792, the first celebration of Columbus day takes place in New York City.
On This Day in History in 1823, Charles Macintosh sold his first raincoat.
On This Day in 1892, The American Pledge of Allegiance was first recited in US public schools, celebrating the 400th anniversary of the voyage of Columbus.
On This Day In History in 1901, President Theodore Don't-Call-Me-Teddy Roosevelt renamed the Executive mansion "The White House."
On This Day In History in 1960, Inejiro Asanuma, leader of the Japan Socialist Party, is assassinated live on television. He was stabbed and killed in front of a shocked and unsuspecting audience.

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