Sunday, 23 October 2016

History Fun Facts October 23rd


On This Day in 42BC, during the Liberators' Civil War, the forces of Mark Anthony and Octavian (who became the first Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar) defeated the army of Marcus Brutus in the 2nd Battle of Philippi.
The war was to avenge the assassination of Julius Caesar, in which Brutus was the lead conspirator.
After his defeat at the Battle of Philippi, Marcus Brutus fled into the nearby hills with four of his remaining legions.
Not wanting to be captured by Octavian and Mark Anthony, and knowing it was only a matter of time, Brutus took the easy way out.
He ordered two of his men to hold out a sword and, ready, steady, he sprinted right into it.
According to Plutarch, the last words Brutus spoke were, "By all means must we fly, not with our feet, however, but with our hands."
Obviously, his actual last words were in Latin, "Shittus, thatus hurtus. Rightus throughus myus penus."
As a show of respect, upon discovering Brutus had committed suicide, Mark Anthony ordered the body of Brutus wrapped in Anthony's own most expensive purple cloak.
However, it was later stolen. But recovered. Mark Anthony then had the thief executed.
Upon hearing her husband had committed suicide, Porcia, yes, the wife of Marcus Brutus, committed suicide herself.
On This Day in 425, Valentinian III became the Roman Emperor at the age of six-years-old.
Thanks to various marriages, births, assassinations, appointments, political dealings and one case of bonking between an aunt and a goat, Valentinian III was the son, grandson, great-grandson, cousin, and nephew (twice over), and pet, of Roman Emperors.
On This Day in History in 1958, The Smurfs first appeared in the story La flute à six schtroumpfs.
The Smurfs are a fictional race of small blue tiny people led by Papa Smurf, who is Smurf-tastic. So, when you strangle a Smurf, what colour does it turn?

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