Sunday, 17 January 2016

On This Day 17th January

On This Day, the 17th of January 1595, King Henry IV of France, the first king of the House of Bourbon, declared war on Spain.
Henry had been raised a protestant. When he became King of France in 1589, he was pretty much forced to convert to Catholicism, due to France being a catholic country, and them placing nipple clamps on him until he agreed.
Everyone was happy about the King's sudden and unexpected change of religion, except for the protestants. They were not. At all.
It also appeared that Spain wasn't happy. Mainly with Henry, who they didn't like as he didn't share any of his chocolate biscuits with them. Spain kept pestering Henry, who finally had enough and declared war. My biscuits. My lovely crème biscuits. You not get none of these fabulous Bourbon Crème Biscuits.
King Henry IV had many people try to kill him over the years. And not just the entirety of Spain. Pierre Barriere tried to assassinate him in August 1593. And then in December 1594 Jean Chatel tried. Both were unsuccessful.
It wasn't until the 14th of May 1610, when another assassin by the name of Francois Ravailla thought he'd have a go, that the King of France died. He was stabbed in the Rue de La Ferronnerie. Which, I believe, and I'm not great on anatomy, is the upper portion of the left butt cheek.
Celebrity Birthdays
On This Day, the 17th of January 1931, in Arkabutler, Mississippi, which happens to be a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, James Earl Jones was born.
James Earl Jones is well known for being the voice of Darth Vader in the mildly popular Star Wars movies. His parents were Shmi Skywalker and the Force itself. Or midichlorians. Or something like that.
James started out as a baby before progressing to be the most evil Jedi turned Sith in the whole galaxy. Although, to be factually correct, Darth Vader wasn't the most hated of evil monsters in Star Wars. That accolade went to George Lucas after he ruined the prequel trilogy.
On This Day, the 17th of January 1956, Paul Young was born.
Paul Young is, or at least was, an English singer. He hit the big time during the 1980s with hits including Love of the Common People and Every time You Go Away.
Having come from a place in England called Luton, he learned from a very early age not to pronounce the letter T in most words.
On This Day, the 17th of January 1986, Max Adler was born.
Max is best known for playing Dave Karofsky in the hit television series Glee.
Dave Karofsky is a school jock, who bullied other kids at the school until he realises he actually likes their little jocks.

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