Saturday, 16 January 2016

On This Day 16th January

On This Day, 16th of January, 27BC, the Roman Senate granted Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius the title of Augustus, and thus began the Roman Empire.
Quick note, this isn't Julius Caesar, the one you know loads about, the one who dallied his dilly in Cleopatra, the one who was best friends with Mark Anthony. This is Gaius Octavius, Julius Caesar's nephew, who took his uncle's name after his uncle died.
On This Day, the 16th of January 1547, Ivan the Terrible became Czar of Russia.
Ivan the Terrible had a fearsome reputation. He transformed Russia into an Empire and was the first person to be titled Tsar of all of Russia.
He is actually Ivan IV. The title of Ivan the Terrible was given to him by his wife on their wedding night. And not in a playful, seductive way: "Oh, Ivan, you bad boy. We shouldn't try that. Oh, you're so terrible." but rather in a... "You haven't done this before have you? Ivan, you're terrible."
Celebrity Birthday
James May - Fun Facts About Top Gear
On This Day, the 16th of January 1963, James May was born. He is best known for being Captain Slow on the very popular British television show Top Gear. That was until his co-host, Jeremy Clarkson, punched a producer in the face.
James May started his presenting career at a very early age. In fact, it was during the journey out of his mother's womb.
Half way down he was heard to say, "Listen to that noise! It's like Barry White eating wasps."
A little further along he muttered, "We're in the middle of the sea. It's very rough. The driver's been sick and I think Hammond's dead."
Not perturbed by the rough journey, he complains, "I've got bruised ribs and a badly barked shin."
The journey was almost over, though. His head crowns and he exclaims, "Beneath this rather faded, ruined exterior, beats a heart of pure ... arthritis."
(Note: They were real quotes from Top Gear)
When Jeremy Clarkson got fired, he, James May, and their other co-host, Richard Hamster, found themselves out of a job. Briefly. Amazon to the rescue. They came along and offered the trio millions of pounds to do a motoring show for them. So, all's well that ends well.

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