Thursday, 28 January 2016

On This Day - 28th January

On This Day In History in 1393, Charles VI of France is almost killed, accidentally on purpose, by several masked dancers, who happened to be on fire.
The King of France was attending a masquerade ball, The Bal des Ardents, which translates as "The Ball of the Burning Men", which we hope was name after the event. If it was actually called that before it happened, then suspicions would have been aroused.
Charles VI was known for his awesome dance moves. That king could move. Think John Travolta on ice having an epileptic fit whilst holding seven octopi (or octopuses, or octopuddies) who are also having epileptic fits. Strobe lighting was very popular six hundred years ago. It was an issue.
The King of France, never wanting to miss an opportunity, decided to get up and dance. When shouts were heard from the spectators, "Yo, Kingy, You're On Fire!", Charles VI just assumed they were paying him compliments.
Little did he realise, he was actually on fire.
A torch had been brought into the event by his brother, Louis, Duke of Orleans. Now, we're not saying the King's brother had it in for him, but he really did. The two didn't get along. But, boys will be boys. What can you do?
Well, for starters, you can bring a torch into a packed area and set a few dancers on fire, hoping that fire would spread like, well, fire, and hope the king goes up like a roman candle. Pwoooof.
Although four of the dancers were killed, King Charles VI survived the ordeal.
Also in the news on this day in history
On This Day in 1547, King Henry VIII of England dies, and his 9-year-old son, Edward VI became King of England. Soon after, a pauper boy named Tom Canty swapped places with him.
On This Day in 1813, Jane Austen's book Pride and Prejudice was first published in the United Kingdom. It went on to sell over 20 million copies.
On This Day in 1878, the Yale Daily News, the United States first daily college newspaper, went on sale.
On This Day in 1915, by order of an act of Congress, the United States Coast Guard was created as a branch of the US Armed Forces.
On This Day in 1956, a little known singer by the name Elvis Presley made his first ever television appearance in America. 
On This Day in 1958, The Lego company patented its design for the Lego bricks, and those same bricks are still compatible with those sold today.

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