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On This Day In History - 13th January

The Hunkier Older Brother of Liam.ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY for the 13th of JANUARY
On This Day, the 13th of January 1990, Liam Hemsworth was born. Liam is an Australian actor best known for having a much hotter older brother. Yep, Chris Hemsworth, also known as Thor. You know, I'm not gay, but I'd totally suck his....
Liam started out his career, like most Australian actors, in the television show Neighbours. Everybody needs good neighbours. He then went on to star in the Elephant Princess, as an elephant with a tiny trunk, who happened to also be a princess, with a much sexier older brother who happens to be a demi-god. Oh, yeah, is he a demi-god, or what. Very tasty.
But then stardom hit. Liam's brother got the role of Thor. Seriously have to watch that movie again. He is such a hunk. Err, anyways, Liam, the lesser beefcake, played Gale Hawthorne in the Hunger Games movies.
Also in the News:
On This Day, 13th of January 1547, Henry Howard, the Earl of Surrey was sentenced to death by Henry-Needs-A-New-Wife.
Henry VIII was a tad paranoid, and rather podgy, and had a radical approach to getting rid of his wives, and he believed the Earl of Surrey planned on stealing the crown from Henry's son, Edward. Surry was imprisoned in the Tower of London, sentenced to death, and then had an encounter with Off-With-His-Head on the 19th of January 1547.
As luck would have it, for Surrey's son, Thomas, who was in need of money and a title so he could woo the ladies, the Duke of Norfolk, who happened to be the Earl of Surrey's father, was also imprisoned and sentenced to death. Little Thomas couldn't believe his luck. Not only would he inherit the Earl of Surrey's fortune, but also the Dukedom of Norfolk.
However, the day before Norfolk was to be beheaded, the king died. It postponed Norfolk's execution. And Thomas' inheritance. Although Norfolk remained locked up, he did eventually die in 1554. And, finally, little Thomas inherited everything.
On This Day, 13th of January 1833, Andrew Jackson, President of those-them-here-there United States of America, wrote to his Vice President, Martin Van Buren, to notify him of his keen annoyance and vexation to South Carolina's defiance of federal authority in the Nullification Crisis.
When Andrew Jackson gets annoyed and vexed, you pretty much want to run. That guy was crazy.
He loved to challenge people to a duel. In fact, he was involved in over a hundred duels during his lifetime, shooting dead those stupid enough to accept the challenge. He also carried two bullets around with him, inside his chest, as they couldn't be removed, from two separate duels.

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