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On This Day In History - 24 January

Image result for winston churchillHumorous History Presents: ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 24th January
On This Day in 1965, Sir Winston Leonard Spencer Churchill died.
Winston Churchill is best known as the Prime Minister of Britain during World War 2, and for constantly smoking a big, fat, cigar.
Although, what you might not know about Winston Churchill, was that he was pretty good at seeing into the future.
Churchill predicted he would die on the same day as his father. And he did: Winston Churchill died on 24th January 1965 (aged 90), and his father, Lord Randolph Churchill, died the same day in 1895 (aged 45).
However, his supernatural ability to predict the day of his death didn't stop him being accident prone. The guy was a klutz. As a little nipper, Churchill threw himself off a bridge, as you do, and suffered a concussion and ruptured a kidney.
He also nearly drowned in a Swiss lake, dislocated his shoulder disembarking a ship in India, fell off more horses than you can shake a donkey at, and was hit by a car when he looked the wrong way crossing a street in New York.
He even tried learning to fly - and crashed the plane.
And this guy won the Second World War for us. Sheesh. Good job he didn't actually have to shoot a gun.
Also On This Day In History
On This Day in 76 (yes, that's a real year), the future Emperor of Rome, Hadrian, was born. Hadrian is best known for having a serious issue with Scotland.
In fact, Hadrian had such an issue with the Scots, that he went and built a giant wall stretching across Northern England to keep them out.
Hadrian's Wall snaked across the board of England and Scotland for 73 miles. It stood 6 metres high at most parts and 3 metres thick and a moderate amount of it still stands today.

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