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On This Day In History - 2nd January

On This Day In History - January 2nd
On this Day in 1920, Isaac Asimov was born. Perhaps. Maybe. No one knows for sure, not even him. It wasn't until after being probed by aliens and slapped around the face with a wet kipper by a sentient cyborg that Asimov decided to celebrate his birthday today. No one knows why. But some blame the worms.
Yes, Asimov is best known for his ability to communicate with Worms. From the age of three, when Asimov moved to the United States with his parents, or the other way round, these Worms controlled him, manipulated him, and spied on him when he peed.
The Worms taught him to read and write. To ride a bike, and to rub a duck. But these little perverts weren't all nice. They had a plan. They wanted to be famous. They told Asimov stories of a fantastical nature. Showed him how to write them down, forced him to write query letters to literary agents and publishers, and stroked his goat when the rejection letters came in.
They forced him to continue, comforting him in the hard times, wiping his tears away, and tickling the rings of Uranus. They knew he would make it. And he did. Those stories were accepted for publication. And soon after, Asimov became a best selling Sci-Fi author.
The Worms insisted Asimov reveal to the world their intelligence. They wanted to be rich. To go on talk shows. To Dance With the Stars. To cook on Masterchef. To wrap themselves around his iRobot and whisper romantic rhymes to the one-eyed snake.
However, Asimov betrayed the worms, gathering them into a bucket and leaving them outside for the aliens to eat.
The End.
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Angie Brooksby-Arcangioli said...

I can't remember Asimov books I read because it was forever ago. I do often hear what worms teach us because my husband is a scientist and some of his colleagues use worms as a DNA model for research.