Monday, 4 January 2016

On This Day - 4th January

Is going to get his head chopped offOn This Day In History - 4th of January
On This Day, the 4th of January, 1649, during the later stages of the English Civil War, the Rump Parliament voted to put King Charles-The-First-Spaniel-King on trial.
King Charles had a right old laugh. Put the King on trial? What a spiffing joke, you jest like a hedgehog in a wig. You can't put the king on trial.
Well, err, they actually did. But, the question that is on the tips of your tongues: what was the outcome of the trial? Did the King get off?
Yes. The King did get off.
Well, his head certainly did.
Also in the news:
On This Day, January 4th, 1912, A Royal Charter is issued incorporating The Scout Association throughout the British Empire.
On This Day, January 4th, 1900, James Bond is born. Nope, not the Bond James Bond, but just the normal regular James Bond. He was an American ornithologist. So, I guess they both had a liking for the birds in common.

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