Saturday, 19 March 2016

On This Day Facts March 19th


On this day in history in 1649, two months after the execution of Charles II, the House of Commons of England passed an act of Parliament abolishing the House of Lords.
They declared, we can't stand the other place, they stink of urine and snobbery. And then added, "It's useless and dangerous to the people of England."
The House of Commons is where elected members of parliament sit, and The House of Lords is where really old guys who wet themselves sit.
And they do have to sit, as they can't stand. They're really old. And smell of pee.
Nope, that actually isn't true anymore. It used to be true, though. The House of Lords really did stink of wee.
The Lords used to be all landed gentry and, as such, all had tweed jackets. These were treated "fixed" with urine to make them more durable and strong.
Unfortunately, when it rained, it gave off an aroma of piddle.
Nowadays, there are chemicals that are used instead. Plus, the old gentry don't tend to sit in the Lords anymore. Most of the chamber is full of appointed Lords instead.

On this day in history in 1687, Robert Cavelier, or Robert de La Salle, a French explorer, was murdered by his own men.
Robert De La Salle had led an expedition in 1682 to canoe down the Mississippi River. Although back then, he had name the Mississippi "La Louisiane, after Louis XIV of France.
The group didn't get too far, and in subsequent years, Robert De La Salle became fixated on finding the mouth of the Mississippi River.
During his final voyage, his crew mutinied. Robert De La Salle was killed by Pierre Duhaut whilst he was talking to another member of the crew, Jean L'Archeveque, who was acting as a decoy.
Duhaut didn't last long. He was killed soon after to avenge the death of Robert De La Salle.
On this day in history in 1931, Nevada legalises gambling. Bet that won't catch on.
On this day in 1932, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the one in Australia, as if there is another one, is opened in a grand ceremony.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge will stand for a thousand years, a beacon for the world to admire. Australia is the greatest nation on Earth ... at putting shrimps on the Barbie.

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