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On This Day Facts 6th March


On This Day in History on the 6th of March, 1052, Emma of Normandy died.
Emma of Normandy was the Queen Consort of England, Denmark and Norway. Yep, she got around. Well, at least twice.
She was married to Ethelred the Unready, the ten-year-old boy king who wasn't as Unready as people think. He "allegedly" arranged the murder of The-Other-Brother-Is-Always-More-Loved, Edward-Even-Became-A-Saint.
Emma of Normandy, not content with being married to one King, hitched up with another after her husband, Ethelred-Why-Didn't-My-Parents-Love-Me died in 1016. Yep, to maintain control, and her lavish lifestyle, and probably to protect the lives of her sons, she married the funnily named, Cnut the Great.
In total, as well as being married to two Kings of England, Emma of Normandy was the mother of two other Kings of England: Edward the Confessor, and Harthacnut, the one who was only as half a Cnut as his father.

Also On This Day In History
On This Day in 1204, King John of England, the evil king from Robin Hood, brother and enemy of Richard the Lionheart and Kevin Costner, was defeated at the Siege of Chateau Gaillard.

The Siege was the culmination and ultimate victory in the King of France's campaign to take control of Normandy from the English. It took them six months to besiege the fortress and cost up to 10,000 lives.

The defeat led to England surrendering control of Normandy to King Phillip II and was an extreme embarrassment to King John-Died-On-The-John.

On This Day in 1475, Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, or Micky for short, was born.

Michelangelo is most famous for being one of the greatest artists and painters in history. And what is more surprising when it comes to artists - he was very appreciated when he was actually alive.

His two greatest achievements were solving the Rubik's Cube in under three seconds, and the sculpting of the very nekkid statue, David. Oh, he also did something with the Sistine Chapel. But, oh boy, take a peek at the nekkid Dave.

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