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Lord Darnley: Murdered by Mary Queen of Scots

Lord Darnley: Murdered by Mary, Queen of Scots

On The 10th of February in 1567, the second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, Lord Darnley, was found strangled at Kirk o' Field House in Edinburgh, Scotland.
He was found after two separate explosions rocked the very foundations of the house.
The explosions emanated from two barrels of gunpowder strategically placed beneath Lord Darnley's bedchamber.
Darnley was found dead later that night outside with his valet, also dead, surrounded by a cloak, dagger, a chair and a goat. Wait, he was outside with his valet, in his nightgown, with a goat?
Oh, oops, not a goat. That should read "a coat". Easy mistake to make. But I should be more careful. That's how rumours start.
Lord Darnley was outside in just his nightshirt, with no injuries from the explosions. His valet was lying beside him, completely nekkid, with a charred hedgehog lodged inside his bottom and Lord Darnley's lipstick on his fun-stick.
As no injuries from the explosions were present, the cause of death was determined to be strangulation.
Mary, Queen of Scots, was not present that night. She had chosen to attend the wedding of one of her servants at Holyrood. 

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