Friday, 18 March 2016

On This Day Facts 18th March

On this day in history in 978, Edward the Martyr, 15-year-old King of England, was assassinated.
Edward the Martyr was the son of Edward the Peaceful and half-brother of Ethelred the Unready, in a time where people liked to insert verbs, nouns and adjectives after their names.
Edward the Martyr, or Eddie M. as he was known to the local rapping community, had a brief reign as King of England, of only three years.
It all came to an end after Eminem murdered the King, not at the insistence of Ethelred the Unready, who wasn't prepared to kill, as some believe, but at the goading of Ethelred's mother, who was a right evil witch, and wanted the Unready son of hers to be King.
The exact circumstances of Edward's death are uncertain. There are numerous versions and blame is placed on various people.
What is known for absolute certainty, is that he was killed by a rogue group of Klingons led by the evil alternate-universe Worf.
Edward the Martyr was visiting Ethelred and the evil witch Elfthryth, the mother of Ethelred-Won't-Ever-Be-Ready. As he dismounted, we're presuming his horse, Elfthryth, who had disguised herself as a Klingon-Borg queen, leapt at him from a trampoline and stabbed the young king in the nipple with a poisoned Koala Bear.
The only thing probably, maybe, perhaps known about the circumstance surrounding Edward's death was the location. It might have been, or not, at Corfe Castle.
On this day in history in 37, yes, that's actually a real year, the former-now-dead-Emperor, Tiberius' will was annulled. And Caligula was proclaimed as the new Emperor.
On this day in 1314, Jacques de Molay was burned at the stake, which was out of order, as he ordered it medium-rare.
Jacques de Molay was the 23rd and last Grand Master of the Knights Templar.
On this day in history in 1438, Albert II of Habsburg became the Holy Roman Emperor.
On this day in history in 1608, Susenyos was crowned Emperor of Ethiopia.
On this day in history 1766, The British Parliament repealed the Stamp Act.
On this day in 1913, King George I of Greece was assassinated in Thessaloniki.
George I, ruled as King of Greece for fifty years, and was the second longest reigning European monarch at the time, after Queen Victoria of Great Britain.
On this day in history in 1985, Neighbours, everyone hates their neighbours, was first broadcast.

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