Wednesday, 16 March 2016

On This Day facts for March 16th

On this day in history in 455, seriously, it's a real year, look it up, the Roman Emperor Valentinian III was assassinated.
Valentinian had been having some serious problems for the last few years of his reign. Many of these problems were paranoia. Other problems revolved around hedgehogs and STDs.
On this day in history in 1244, after a nine-month siege, the Cathar controlled Chateau de Montsegur fell to the French Royal forces.
The Fall of Montsegur led to the French army gathering any survivors of the Siege of Montsegur and burning them inside a giant bonfire. Over 200 were killed, burned alive as an example to anyone who would defy the French authority.
On this day in history in 1621, the Plymouth Colony in the newly colonised America, received a visitor from Samoset, a Mohegan.
Samoset was the first Native American to make contact with the newly deposited Pilgrims of the Plymouth Colony. To say they were shocked that a Native American just strolled into the middle of their camp was an understatement.
However, something else surprised them even more. Samoset walked right up to them and greeted them in English with, "Welcome, Englishmen. My name is Samoset."
On this day in history in 1751, James Madison , the 4th President of the United States of America, was born.
On this day in history in 1792, King Gustav III of Sweden was assassinated.
Well, he was technically assassinated on the 16th of March 1792, as in he was shot by an assassin. However, he didn't actual die as a result of his injuries until March 29th.
King Gustav was not well liked in Sweden amongst the nobility of the time. They were still miffed that he had taken control and assumed the throne in a Coup D'etat in 1772.
They began plotting the assassination in over the winter months of 1791/1792, leaving nothing to chance. There were costumes to buy. And everyone wanted to come as either Iron Man or Thor.
On this day in history, James Isbister became the first person killed by a German bombing raid on the United Kingdom. It was during a raid on Scapa Flow, in the Orkney Islands.
On this day in history in 1942, Germany tests the V-2 rocket for the first time. It exploded on lift-off.
On this day in history in 1945, The Battle of Iwo Jima ended.
On this day in history in 1989, a 4,400-year-old mummy was found near the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt.
On this day in history in 1995, Mississippi formerly ratified the 13th Amendment to the United States constitution.
The 13th Amendment was officially ratified in 1865. It took another 130 years for Mississippi to formerly ratify it. Way behind the times, Mississippi. But you got there eventually.
In ratifying the 13th Amendment, Mississippi became the last US state to approve the abolition of slavery.

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