Tuesday, 15 March 2016

On This Day Facts March 15th


On this day in history in 44BC, Julius Caesar, the Dictator of Rome, is assassinated by Marcus Brutus, Gaius Cassius Longinus, Decimus Junius Brutus, and a whole host of other Roman Senators.
Julius Caesar was stabbed to death on the Ides of March (15th March) by a consortium of Roman Senators led by Caesar's friend, Marcus-I-did-Eat-Two-Brutus.
Julius Caesar had been told to Beware The Ides Of March by Gandalf, but chose to ignore the old wizard after he found out he could have just used the eagles to return the ring to the fires of Milton Keynes.
Just before Caesar passed into the shadowy world of gonna-return-as-a-zombie-and-eat-your-face-off, he looked into the eyes of his friend and whispered, "Et Tu, Brutus."
This translates into English as, "Your mamma was a Snowblower."

Also On This Day In History
On this day in history in 1672, King Charles II of England, the one who didn't have his head chopped off, issued the Royal Declaration of Indulgence.
This declared everyone needed to eat cake, drink wine, and visit as many brothels as they could every third Saturday of the month.
No, wait. I'm thinking of the wrong Declaration of Indulgence. That was the personal declaration of King Charles-The-Second-Hooker-Of-The-Day-Wakes-Me-Up.
The actual Declaration of Indulgence extended religious liberty to Protestant nonconformists and Roman Catholics.
On this day in history in 1820, Maine, the rain in Maine falls mainly on the plain, became the 23rd US state.
Maine is known for its jagged, rocky coastline; low, rolling mountains, and ... none of that. It's all about the lobsters. Loads of fabulously cooked lobsters. They're everywhere. You can't cross a road, turn a corner, or take a dump in a clam chowder soup without someone shoving a lobster in your face.
On this day in history in 1892, Liverpool F.C, the football club, as in football, a game that actually uses a foot to kick a ball, is founded.
On this day in history in 1917, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia was forced to abdicate the Russian throne.
Nicholas II was the last Tsar of Russia and was also known as Nicholas the Bloody, due a strange ritual of covering himself with hedgehog blood before he defecated.
Although his name Nicholas the Bloody mainly referred to him killing anyone who had a bad word to say about him. Anyone who looked at him funny. And anyone who mocked his hedgehog-blood-defecation ritual. It included an awful lot of people. That hedgehog thing is just weird.

Check out some more Historical Fun
On this day in history in 1935, Reflecting Roadstuds Limited, a company founded by Percy Shaw to make Cat's Eyes, the things in the middle of the road.
And, if you're wondering how many Cat's Eyes there are to a mile: It's twice as many cat's butt holes.

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