Saturday, 5 November 2016

Stranger News: Have you seen a missing giant dog turd?

Stranger News: A look at some of the weirder stories hitting the headlines.
Missing: A big pile of crap.
A town in Spain has had its giant poo stolen. The town of Torrelodones, just outside Madrid, Spain, is facing a bill for 2,400 euros (nearly $3,000) after its 3 metre high inflatable dog turd was stolen.
I'm sure you are wondering why Torrelodones has a giant inflatable dog turd? It was part of a campaign aimed at dog owners to pick up their canine's droppings.
The town councillor, Angel Guirao, spoke to ABC newspaper, saying, "Staff were perplexed and shocked by the theft."
Adding, "Don't worry, though, we have already ordered a replacement excrement, as we know that the campaign has been a great success."
Have you seen anyone carrying a giant dog crap around town?
Probably not. It seems the thief was smart enough to wait until the Doggie Doo-Doo was deflated and stuffed into a carry case.
The massive pile of inflatable poop wasn't the only symbol of the campaign to get people to clean up their dog's number two.
They also have half a dozen concrete dog dungs dotted around the town bearing the message, "This is a big blockage to living together. If you have a dog, help us."
Do you have a weird sculpture in your town? Comment below.
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