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History Fun Facts November 13

HISTORICAL FUN: History Fun Facts for November 13

On This Day in History, November 13th, 1312, King Edward III of England was born.
King Edward III of England reigned for fifty years between January 25th, 1327, and June 21st, 1377, beginning his reign at the age of 14.
Edward III became king earlier than expected. His mother, Isabella of France, and the guy she was diddling at the time, which was not her husband, who happened to be King Edward II of England, but a rather dashing and morally corrupt guy called Roger Mortimer, deposed his father, King Edward-The-Second-Ball-Hasn't-Dropped-Yet of England.
The She-Wolf-Of-France, as Isabella of France was often called, or You-Backstabbing-Hoar-Of-A-Female-Dog by her husband, took control of England whilst her son was still a kid.
Isabella ruled England as regent for her son alongside Roger Mortimer until Edward III grew a pair and overthrew Mortimer and his mother in a coup.
Fun Facts About Edward III of England
King Edward III adopted George-The-Dragon-Killer as the patron saint of England in 1348. Before that date, the Parton Saint of England was Edward the Confessor.
On June 13th, 1378, Edward III of England signed the Anglo-Portuguese Treaty with King Ferdinand and Queen Eleanor of Portugal.
It's the oldest active treaty in the world and established "Perpetual friendships, unions and alliances" between England (later the United Kingdom) and Portugal.
The Treaty was activated during World War 2 and also in 1982 during the Falklands war between the United Kingdom and Argentina.
On This Day In History in 1160, Louis VII of France married Adela of Champagne.
Louis VII married Adela, his third wife, just five weeks after his second wife, Constance of Castile, died in childbirth. That guy didn't hang around.
Louis VII had his marriage to his first wife, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, annulled after she couldn't produce a male heir.
They had married when she was just seventeen-years-old. Some said he wed her for the love of a beautiful, young duchess.
However, nope, not that. She was rich. Rich beyond the King's wildest dreams.
However, having a boy child to succeed him to the throne was of paramount importance to Louis VII, and so Eleanor of Aquitaine had to go. As a besides, she then went on to marry King Henry II of England.
Louis VII then went on to marry Constance of Castile.
Her days would also have been numbered if not for the fact her days were actually numbered. She also didn't produce a male heir for the throne. Just a couple of daughters. And they are of no use to a French King in the 12th century.
Louis VII then married Adela of Champagne five weeks after the death of Constance of Castile, not just for the love of a beautiful, fertile woman. Also for the booze. Yep, lovely, beautiful, fizzy booze.
Queen Adela did give Louis want he wanted.
Nope, not the fizzy wine, or the testicle tickling, but a boy child. She gave birth to King Louis VII's only son, who later went on to become King Philip II of France. There was also a daughter, but that doesn't count.

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