Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Historical Fun: History Facts November 1


Yes, it's November already. Sheesh, this year went fast. Christmas is coming. As is winter. Oh, that was stupid. I should have said WINTER IS COMING. As is Christmas. Why didn't I just do that? Gonna bug me for the rest of the week.
On This Day, 1st of November, 1141, the reign of Empress Matilda came to an end.

She was kinda Queen of England, although technically uncrowned. They called her the Lady of the English, or "You-Traitorous-Cow" by her cousin, Stephen of Bois.

He was King of England at the time and spent most of his reign fighting a civil war known as The Anarchy with the Empress Matilda.

On This Day, 1st of November, 1179, Philip II is crowned King of France.

He managed to bring all of France together and made the country prosper again. However, he had a heck of time with his wives. He's basically the Henry VIII of the French.

Click here to read about the adventures of Philip II of France and his Borg Queen Wife.

On This Day, 1st of November, 1688, William-Of-Horrible-Disgusting-Fruit, set sail, for the second time, from Hellevoetsluis. Say that ten times when you're drunk.

William-Soon-To-Be-The-Third-William's goal was simple: capture the Crowns of England, Scotland and Ireland from his father-in-law, James-The-Second-His-Son-In-Law-Lands-In-England-Will-Flee-To-France.

And James II of England did scarper to France, the big chicken.

It might be that he just didn't like Oranges. Can't blame him for that, I suppose. They are the nasty-disgusting-fruit.

William-The-Third-Is-A-Turd (a nickname given to him by James II) won England without a fight. A bloodless coup. A Glorious Revolution.

Ex-king James sulked in France for a bit, then tried to reclaim the throne, lost, and went and sulked a bit more.

On This Day, 1st of November, 1800, John Adams becomes the first President of them there, over here, these here, United States of America, to live in what would one day be called "The White House".

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