Thursday, 3 November 2016

Historical Fun: Humorous history facts November 3rd

Historical Fun: History fun facts for November 3rd

On This Day, 3rd of November, 1534, the English Parliament passed the Act of Supremacy.
The Act made Henry-Of-The-Many-Numbers (8 of them) the head of the Church of England. Prior to this, the Pope was head of the Church of England.
Basically, he was married to Catherine of Aragon, who couldn't produce a boy sprog, and, let's face it, was getting a bit old.
Henry, on his travels, discovered a pretty little innocent thing. He wanted to bump uglies with her. Bumpity bump them a lot. However, this pretty little innocent thing, let's call her Anne-I-Have-A-Plan-Boleyn, said, "You don't go down, unless I have a Crown."
So, Henry, desperate for a bit of Hide-The-Crown-Jewels-In-Anne, tried to get the Pope to annul his marriage to Arrogant Catherine so he could marry Anne-With-A-Cunning-Plan.
The Pope wasn't having any of it and denied Henry's request. Not perturbed, Henry separated from the Catholic Church and created himself as head of the Church of England under the Protestant religion.
King Henry VIII then annulled his own marriage to Catherine-Of-Arrgh-You-Can't-Be-Serious-You-Bastard and married Anne-Is-Gonna-Have-Her-Head-Chopped-Off.
So, all's well that ends well.
On This Day, 1783, John Austin became the last person to be publicly hanged at London's infamous Tyburn Gallows.
John Austin was a highwayman and murderer. His hanging was not quick.
As his body fell, instead of the noose breaking his neck, as was normal under such circumstance, the rope slipped and he didn't die instantly. Instead, it took about ten minutes for him to choke to death.

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