Friday, 25 November 2016

History Fun Facts November 25

HISTORICAL FUN: On This Day In History Fun Facts for November 25th
On This Day In History in 885, Vikings, yes, they are at it again, sieged Paris after sailing their fleet up the River Seine.
Vikings, Vikings, yes we are,
Sail our ships, we came so far,
To kill you.
Die non-Vikings, DIE.
On This Day in History in 1120, William Adelin was killed when his ship, The White Ship, sank in the English Channel.
William Adelin was the son and heir of King Henry I of England. His death caused a succession crisis after his father died without issue that caused a period in England called The Anarchy.
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On This Day in 1487, Elizabeth of York was crowned Queen of England.
Elizabeth of York was the wife of King Henry VII of England and the first ever Tudor Queen.
She could also be the inspiration to George RR Martin for his character Sansa Stark in the popular Game of Thrones.
Elizabeth of York was not only wife of Henry VII of England and Queen Consort, she was also the daughter of King Edward IV of England. Plus, the niece of King Richard III of England.
And to top it off, she was the mother of the only Henry that matters (nope, not the hoover), we're talking the King of the Many Numbers, King Henry VIII of England and loads-of-pies.
This made Elizabeth of York, wife, daughter, sister, niece and mother of successive Kings of England. 

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