Wednesday, 24 February 2016

On This Day In History - February 24th

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 24th February
On This Day in 1386, King Charles III of Naples, was assassinated by Buddha. Oops, that should have said "at Buda." Because why would Buddha assassinate anyone?
King Charles III of Naples was also King Charles II of Hungary, although he was better known as Charles the Short.
He became King of Hungary after the death of Louis I of Hungary, by sitting on the throne and claiming baggsie. This royally annoyed the daughter of Louis, Mary of Hungary, who should have been Queen, and Mary's mother, Elizabeth of Bosnia.
They decided enough was enough and conspired together to have the King assassinated. It was a botched job, as the deed was done on the 7th of February 1386. It took a few weeks before he eventually died as a result of the wounds.
On This Day in 1848, King Louis-Philippe of France abdicates his throne.
On This Day in 1868, President Andrew Johnson is impeached by the United States House of Representatives. He was the first President of the United States to be impeached.
Andrew Johnson was also the first President of the United States to be acquitted in the Senate. And the first to be caught on camera licking a hedgehog that had been dipped in chocolate. Ah, so that's why he was impeached.
On This Day in 1981 Prince-Charles-Still-Waiting-For-Mum-To-Die and Lady-Diana-Headbutted-Dashboard-Spencer announced they would get married.
On This Day in 2008, after 50 years in power, the dictator, oops, I mean President, of Cuba, Fidel Castro, is pensioned off.
On This Day in 2011, the Space Shuttle Discovery is launched for the final time.
Celebrity Birthdays
On This Day in 1966, Ben Miller, an English comedian and actor who was the funnier half of the comedic duo Armstrong and Miller, was born.
On This Day in 1981, Lleyton Hewitt, the Australian former world number one tennis player, was born with the abilities of a kangaroo. He's so bouncy.

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