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On This Day In History 7th February

On This Day, the 7th February 1812, Charles John Huffam Dickens was born. Huffam. Seriously love that name. Not as good as Everard Digby. But, still a great name.
His parents had Great Expectations of him when he was born, and by the time he died, he left us all saying, "Please, Sir. I want some more."
Fun Fact:
Charles Dickens was forced to leave school to work
in a factory when his father was imprisoned in a debtors' prison.
During Charles Dickens' life, he was visited by three ghosts: the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Presents (I love getting Christmas presents), and Casper, who was a really friendly ghost.
Where the Dickens was he when he died and where is he buried? He died of a stroke at Gad's Hill Place and, although he wanted a private funeral and to be buried at Rochester Cathedral, he has an honoured place at Poets' Corner in Westminster Abbey, London.
In Other News On This Day In History
On This Day in 1102, Empress Matilda, who was fighting her cousin, Stephen, for the right to wear the crown of England, was born. She was the daughter of Henry I of England, and married to the Holy Roman Emperor, Henry V.
On This Day in 1301, the future King Edward-The-Second-He-Peeked-At-The-Cut-Of-His-Squire's-Jib-And-He-Liked-It became the first heir-apparent to the English throne to be created Prince of Wales.
On This Day in 1795, The United States ratified the 11th Amendment. It deals with the "You not from here, you don't tell me what to do" policy.

On This Day in 1935, Monopoly, the board game everyone loves to hate, especially when you keep losing, was invented by, I dunno, Mr Monopoly.
It's taking too long. We should put all the money
from fines and such in the centre of the board
and if you land on Free Parking, you win it all.
On This Day in 1979, the planet Pluto ... Nope, wait a minute. It's not a planet anymore. It's a dwarf planet. Don't you just hate those scientists who mess with your childhood?
Anyways, on the 7th of February 1979, Pluto moved inside the orbit of Neptune for the first time since either planet was discovered. Wowser, Dougie Howser. Did anyone else know it could do that?
Celebrity Birthdays
On This Day in 1960, James (Todd) Spader was born. James starred as Daniel Jackson in the movie Stargate, but decided not to demean himself by accepting the same role in the television show Stargate: SG1.
"I'm a movie actor, dear.
I don't lower myself to do television."
However, when the movie roles dried up, James had no choice. It was television or Walmart. So, for a brief period he worked as a check-out girl. It soon became apparent he wasn't cut out for scanning produce in a supermarket. And, by that, I mean he got fired.
James Spader went back to Hollywood. Or, at least that place just outside of where the proper stars hang out. Oh, yes, it's called television. He starred as an attorney, Alan Shore, in The Practice, and it's spin-off show, Boston Legal.

Fun Fact:
James Spader won three Emmy awards for his role as Alan Shore in Boston Legal.
But, one of his best roles is playing Raymond Reddington in the crime drama The Blacklist. A show I happen to really like. Plus, I thought Stargate was totally awesome, too. So, no making fun of James Spader. That guy is solid gold.
On This Day in 1962, Eddie Izzard was born. He is best known for being an English stand-up comedian, although he is able to pretend to be a French stand-up comedian.

Eddie is also an actor and a writer. He's been in the television show The Riches, and films like Ocean's Twelve, Ocean's-Twelve-Again-But-Let's-Say-Thirteen, plus Prince Caspian as a mouse.

Did You Know:
Eddie Izzard completed 43 marathons in 51 days for the charity Sport Relief.
Prior to that marathon of marathons, the only running he did was between the car and the house in the rain, whilst wearing high heels.

On This Day in 1965, Chris Rock was born and instantly became one of the worst actors in Hollywood. In fact, in a great number of his movies he plays himself. And he still can't act in them, as himself.
On This Day in 1978, Ashton Kutcher (first name is actually Christopher) was born to the sight of Demi Moore nekkid and pregnant on the front cover of Vanity Fair magazine.
This may explain his infatuation with her throughout his childhood and then why he stalked her as a teenager. The two finally hooked up and were married on the 24th of September 2005.
In the vows, Kutcher refers to Demi Moore repeatedly as "My Yummy Mummy." To which Moore replies, "Hang on, you're not Charlie Sheen."

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Laura Ingalls was also on this date, giving little girls the excuse to wear prairie skirts and bonnets in the 1970s, and dooming Melissa Sue Gilbert's youthful success as an actress to an adult future of Lifetime movies about marrying Bad, Bad Men.