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On This Day In History 1st February


On This Day, the 1st of February 1994, Harry-Wears-A-Wig-Styles was born.
Harry Styles is best known for needing to wear a wig. As he is totally bald. He is also famous for being a member of the most successful boy band in history, Take That.
Oops, nope. He's in One Direction. It's been mildly successful, too.
Did You Know
One Direction wasn't the first band Harry Styles joined.
He performed as a singer in the band "White Eskimo"
in his home town of Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England.

He once told his girlfriend that he'd made the "Same Mistakes the night before with a randy hedgehog." And "Everything About You" reminded him of that hedgehog, which he had Taken from Liam Neeson after winning a game called Summer Love.
A few weeks after Something Great happened with that hedgehog, he knew it was Still the One, as he found it Irresistible. But he knew the two of them couldn't be together.

Did You Know
Harry Styles likes to parade about nekkid in front of the
other members of One Direction.

He whispered into the hedgehog's ear, "It's the Story of My Life." He then pulled out a knife. "It's Not Our Fault. I need Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart to remember you by."
Yes, Harry Styles made sweet, prickly romance with the hedgehog and then sliced its belly open.

"They Don't Know About Us," he was heard to say.

And they never would.
Other Famous Birthdays
On This Day in 1971, Michael C Hall was born.
He is best known as Dexter playing a serial killer who only kills bad people in the hit television show, Dexter. He also starred in Six Feet Under.
On This Day in 1931 Boris Yeltsin was born.
He is best known for playing the role of first President of Russia, which, on occasion, he actually did it sober.
Not very often, though. During a trip to Germany in 1994, where he had been invited to witness the last Russian troops leave the country after the Cold War, he had lunch with the then German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl.
The lunch went fine. Until someone stupidly offered Yeltsin a small drink. And, with Yeltsin, one small tickle of booze was all that was needed. The second drink was larger, and by the time round 12 came to the table, the Russian President was well and truly hammered.
He then thought it was a great idea to put on a show for the German leader, conducting the band in song and dance. Wait, there was a band?
When the German dancers arrived to perform, Yeltsin wasn't content to watch like most elderly statesmen. He chucked back three more vodkas, removed his jacket and shirt, and launched himself onto the dance floor.

The audience wasn't sure, but were pretty certain he was
singing in a language that can only described
as a mix of Klingon and Wookie.

Who knew he was such a nimble dancer? Not the professional German dancers, that's for sure. They were, to say the least, dumbstruck at the complicated routine. Even more so when the President started blowing kisses to his audience, which was then topped with the most drunken speech by a World Leader in the history of all of history.
Also in the News - ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY
On This Day in 1946, after 900 years of being a Monarchy, Hungary becomes a Republic after the Monarchy of Hungary is abolished by the Hungarian Parliament.
On This Day in 1965, a week after the death of Sir Winston Churchill, war time lead of the United Kingdom, Canada honours the British Hero by renaming the Churchill River.

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