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On This Day In History - February 14th

On this day in history, the 14th of February, everyone goes overboard in the celebrations of Valentine's Day.
Roses are red.
The floor is red.
The walls are red.
Murder. There's been a murder.
Statistically speaking, you're more likely to be murdered by your partner on Valentine's day if you've forgotten to get her a card, present, or taken her out for a romantic meal.
If you haven't even noticed she had her hair done, or bought a new dress, or nice thong, then your chances of survival dwindle to about 6 percent.
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On This Day In History, the 14th February 1400, Richard II of England, not no longer nope maybe a King, died. Perhaps, maybe, who knows, of starvation, at Pontefract Castle.
Let's first assume he was still King of England when he died. Which is all we really do know about his death.
Richard II had taken a holiday to Ireland after really annoying a lot of people. A bloke called Henry Bolingbroke was chiefly peeved with Richard after having his autographed One Direction poster stolen.
When Richard returned to England, he was confronted by Henry at Conwy Castle, Wales, and at that point, he was persuaded to relinquish the crown. The kipper slapping Henry gave Richard was probably enough persuasion, but Henry's army may have tipped the balance.
Henry took Richard to the Tower of London and imprisoned him.
Henry had a slight problem with regard to who-was-next-to-be-king. As Henry really wanted it. If Richard abdicated, and Henry didn't get it, then what was the point.
After some colouring of the lines-of-succession, it was decided, at sword-pointy point, that Henry had a better claim to the throne than the actual heir presumptive, Edmind Mortimer, Earl of March.
Henry was crowned King of England, as Henry IV, on October 13th 1399.
It was happiness for Henry, who had what he wanted, The Kingy-Ship. But what of Richard? Well, as it turns out, Henry was quite content to let Richard live. But then he found out the Earls of Huntingdon, Kent, Salisbury, Rutland, and Lord Despenser, who had his buttons pushed for a Mars Bar, were planning on killing the new king and restoring Richard to the throne.
Shut the front door!
Henry IV had Richard immediately transported from the Tower Of London to Pontefract Castle. After this, little is actually known about the last days of Richard II.
It is widely believed he starved to death in the dungeons. Even the exact date of his death isn't known for certain. February 14th 1400 is taken as the most likely date.
On February 17th, Richard's body was taken from Pontefract and displayed in the old St Paul's Cathedral. He was buried on March 6th in Kings Langley (sheesh, first wrote that as King's Landing. Got Game of Thrones on my mind today. When is that new book coming out? Seems like years since the last one. Me needs Game of Thrones). 
In Other News On This Day In History
On This Day in 1778, for the first time in its history, which didn't date back that far, the United States Flag was formally recognized by a foreign naval vessel.
French Admiral Toussaint-Guillaurne Picquet de la Motte, which is one heck of a name, and almost impossible to say ten times when you're drunk, ordered his ship to render a nine-gun-salute to the USS Ranger, captained by John Paul Jones.
On This Day in 1779, Captain James Cook was killed by the Native people of Hawaii, after he failed to remember to buy any of them a Valentine's Day card. What a goit.
On This Day in 1849, James Knox Polk became the first ever serving President of the United States of America to have his picture taken. It was taken in New York, and was instantly posted to twitter, facebook, and instagram, garnering around 7 likes and 9 retweets.
On This Day in 1852, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children is founded in London. It was the first hospital in England to specifically provide in-patient beds for children.
On This Day in 1876, both Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray appied for a patent for the telephone.
On This Day in 1912, Arizona became the 48th State of the United States Of America.

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