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On This Day In History - 27th February

On This Day in 380, Emperor Theodosius issued the Edict of Thessalonica, co-signed by co-emperors, Gratian and Valentinian II. What's better than one Emperor? Three Emperors. The same applies to cake.
The Edict of Thessalonica declared all Roman citizens convert to Trinitarian Christianity.
Theodosius, also known as Theodosius the Great, or Cute-Squirrel-Lips by his Praetorian Guard, was born on the 11th of January, 347.
Theodosius became Emperor of the entire Roman Empire in 379 AD, the last Emperor to rule over the whole thing.
Theodosius-Cute-Squirrel-Lips had a serious problem with the Goths during his reign and set about trying to eradicate them. Perhaps they reminded him of his own moody teenage years.
Unfortunately, his reputation took a serious hit, along with his gonads, a war injury he would never recover from, as he wasn't successful in destroying them. Or the other barbarians. Or One Direction. Soon after, one Emperor became three.
Theodosius-Now-Speaks-In-High-Pitched-Voice had a problem, not only with his dangles, but also with pagan rituals. Mainly down to him not being able to perform some of them because of his now-deformed Julius Caesars.
He banned a lot of the pagan rituals, including the Olympic Games, which wouldn't be restored until 1896.
On This Day in 425, Emperor Theodosius II founded the University of Constantinople, after his wife bullied and badgered him. "You get me a university, Theo. Get me one or else."
He did have a habit of being dominated by the other sex.
When Theodosius was 13, he had to yield power to his older sister, Aelia Pulcheria, who kept bullying and teasing poor Theodosius until he gave in.
She proclaimed herself as Empress and reined as regent for a couple of years until Theodosius stopped crying, grew a pair, and kicked her out.
In other news On This Day In History
On This Day in 1594, Henry IV was crowned King of France.
On This Day in 1898, King George I of Greece survived an attempt on his life.
On This Day in 1900, the British Labour Party was founded.
On This Day in 1951, Presidents of the United States of We-Rule-The-World-Go-Suck-It, were limited to two terms in office by the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution.
Celebrity News On This Day In History
On This Day, February 27th 2015, Leonard Nimoy passed away.
As we all know, unless you're one of "Those" people, Leonard Nimoy played Spock, the most iconic character from Star Trek.
Did You Know:
NBC, the studio which made Star Trek, actually told its
creator, Gene Roddenberry, to get rid of the
pointy-eared guy. Roddenberry refused and
the pointy-eared guy became the icon we know as Spock.

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