Wednesday, 28 September 2016

This Day In History September 28


This Day In History in 48BC, Pompey the Great, became less great, after he was assassinated.
A few days ago he fled after being defeated by Julius Caesar. After losing the battle, he donned a dress, worked as a hooker for a while, and eventually worked his way to Egypt.
Pompey thought he could raise an army in Egypt, or at least get a decent milk bath.
Not what happened.
King Ptolemy of Egypt, the brother and husband of Cleopatra, had Pompey killed and beheaded as a gift for Caesar.
I'm pretty certain it's not the sort of gift that would be appreciated by Julius Caesar, but that's a tale for another day.
This Day In History in 935, Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia was murdered by his brother.
Good King Wenceslaus looked out on the feast of Stephen and WHAM, he was stabbed to death by his brother, Boleslaus, and three of his companions.
And he wondered why he was called Boleslaus the Cruel.
It was actually during the feast of Saints Cosmas and Damian that the Good King Wenceslaus was killed.
But, not all was lost.
After Wenceslas was murdered, he was elevated to the rank of Saint, and declared King. He also became the patron saint of the Czech state, and, of course had a Christmas Carol written about him.
On This Day In History in 1066, William the Conqueror invaded England.
Wonder how that will go? Watch out for the Battle of Hastings, a semi-full report of a fabulous tea party between William the Conqueror and Harold-Got-An-Itchy-Eye.
On This Day in 1928, Sir Alexander Fleming saw something icky.
Yep, by chance Fleming noticed a bacteria-killing mould growing on a bench. Don't ask what he had been doing on that bench the night before, but as a result of his depravity, he discovered Penicillin.

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