Tuesday, 13 September 2016

History Fun Fact September 13th

HISTORY FACT - September 13th

On This Day In History in 81 (yes, that's a real year), the Roman Emperor Titus, died of a fever.
Most historians consider Titus to be an okay Emperor, if not a reasonably good one. And considering how evil some of those were, that's a hefty statement.
His last reported words were, "There's either something wrong with my bottom or Vesuvius just erupted again?"
Okay, no, those weren't his real last words. However, he was the Emperor who ruled in 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted and destroyed Pompeii.
His almost not-so-real last words were, "I'm so hot you could cook a hot dog between my butt cheeks."
Or were they, "Where is my brother? I'll boil him alive on my burning scrotum."
It was his brother, Domitian, who succeeded Titus to the throne. As his first act, Domitian deified his brother Titus, so one would think the two got on pretty well. So why would he want to kill his brother on his burning scrotum?
Well, glad you asked. The scrotum aside, Domitian tried to overthrow his brother, Titus, and have him assassinated. When Titus found out, he forgave his brother, although he didn't send a Christmas card that year.
Right before Titus died of a Oooh-It's-Hot-In-Here, he found out Domitian was planning another coup. Putting that together with him burning up with a fever, Titus may have assumed his brother had poisoned him.
So, the last words of Titus might have referred to the fact he should have executed his brother when he had the chance.
And those real last words were, "I have made but one mistake."

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