Sunday, 31 July 2016

History Facts July 31st

ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY, July 31st, 1703, the world famous English novelist Daniel Defoe was punished for offending the government and church with his satire The Shortest Way With Dissenters.
He was made to stand in the pillory whilst the common folk pelted him with a varied assortment of rotting fruit and vegetables, horse muck, and the odd laptop that no longer worked due to the Windows 10 upgrade.
Well, that was idea. But, such was the love the commoners felt for Daniel Defoe, they pelted him with flowers instead, and then drank to his health.
Celebrity Birthdays
J.K. Rowling, not pronounced as in howling, or bowling, but rather pronounced "Holy cow look how rich I am from these kid's books" was born On This Day In History in 1965.
She is, of course, the very successful writer of the infamous Harry Potter books. She also had virtually no success writing under the pen name Robert Galbraith. Until it was leaked about the pen name. Then sales shot through the roof.
It's also Birthday Celebrations for Dean Cain who was born ON THIS DAY in 1966.
Dean Cain is also known as Superman. Well, one of them. The one that didn't suck as much as the one in Superman Returns. But not the really good one from the original movies who fell off a horse and didn't fly. Dean Cain is the one from the television show from the 1990s.
He also played Supergirl's Earth father in the new Supergirl television show that had everyone wondering why Superman didn't just show up and help out.
I blame the horse.

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