Sunday, 24 July 2016

History Fact July 24th

HISTORY FACT OF THE DAY: On July 24th, 1567, Mary, Queen of Scots, was forced to abdicate and was replaced by her son, James VI, who was only a 1-year-old at the time.
Interesting Fact about Mary, Queen of Scots:
Mary also succeeded to the throne young. She was only 6 days old when she became Queen of Scotland.
Extra Fact: After her abdication, Mary fled to England seeking the protection of her cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England, hoping Elizabeth had forgotten her insulting the ginger wig, not amerkin, it was made in England, she wore to cover up her baldness.
Due to a slight disagreement the two had a few years before (Mary had claimed she was the rightful Queen of England) Elizabeth didn't receive her very well.
In fact, Elizabeth imprisoned Mary, keeping her confined in various castles in England for the next 18 years. Until, one sunny morning, Elizabeth condemned her to death after Mary was found complicit in a plot to assassinate the Queen of England.

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