Monday, 25 July 2016

History fact July 25th

HISTORY FACT: July 25th, 1547, Henry II of France is crowned King of France.
Interesting Fact about King Henry II of France: He died on June 30th, 1559, after receiving a fatal wound in a jousting tournament.
Henry was actually doing pretty well in the opening rounds. Things went wrong when he came up against a fellow jouster called Gabriel de Montgomery.
Not taking into account that he was fighting the King, Gabriel went full pelt at Henry, his lance broke and a splinter sliced through the King's eye.
The wound became infected and the eye burst with puss and blood splattered everyone within twenty feet. Several people laughed, one took a video and uploaded it to #FailArmy, one knight fainted, two more vomited over a puppy, and King Henry died.

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