Saturday, 30 July 2016

History Facts July 30th

On This Day In History, July 30th 1963, Lisa Kudrow, who could really use some friends, was born. She became famous as an actress on a semi-popular sitcom where she developed a fetish for smelly cats.
But, did you know, Lisa Kudrow was originally cast as Roz Doyle in the even more popular show Frasier, opposite Kelsey Grammer. Things went wrong, very wrong. In fact, she was terrible. During filming of the pilot episode, the part was re-cast in favour of the Roz we all loved, Peri Gilpin.
It all worked out in the end for Lisa, who was cast to play Phoebe in Friends a few years later. She knew she'd be back.
On This Day In History, July 30th 1947, everyone's favourite psycho-cyborg-kindergarten-teacher, Arnold Schwarzenegger, was born.
He had a successful career as a bodybuilder but really wanted to be an actor. To this day, he still struggles with the actual "acting" part. Nonetheless, he has made a pretty good career out of action movies and catchphrases.
His first movie role was in the 1969 movie Hercules in New York. He was credited under the name Arnold Strong, because he was really strong, and because who the heck can spell that last name
No one was quite used to his "Asta La Vista" or "I'll be Back" back in the day, and his voice had to be dubbed afterwards as no one could understand a word he said.

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