Saturday, 6 August 2016

History Fact August 6th

History Fact - August 6th
On This Day In History in 1504, Matthew Parker, who was the archbishop of Canterbury, was born.
Not entirely interesting in itself. However, Matthew Parker had an extremely long nose and was seen as a very inquisitive person, taking an interest in all church matters, even when they didn't concern him.
And that's where the phrase "Nosey Parker" comes from - Matthew Parker's nickname.
On This Day In History, August 6th 2012, NASA's Mars Curiosity Rover landed on the surface of Mars. Mainly because it'd be a stupid thing to call the Rover if it was intended to land on Pluto.
Interesting Fact: Every August 6th, the Curiosity Rover sings itself Happy Birthday.
All alone, with no friends, singing itself Happy Birthday, is basically what my birthdays are like.

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