Monday, 15 August 2016

History Fact August 15th

History Fact - August 15th

On This Day in History in 423, Emperor of the Western Roman Empire, Honorius, died of Edema.

He wasn't the worst of the Roman Emperor's, although he wasn't a particularly good one. During his reign he witnessed the Sack of Rome by the Visigoths. It was the first time Rome had been Sacked in over 800 years.

When Honorius was informed that Rome had perished, by one of his eunuchs who was also keeper of the poultry, the Emperor sank to his knees and cried. He whimpered, "And yet it has just eaten from my hands."

The Eunuch replied, "... the friggin' heck are you talking about?"

The Eunuch then realised that, unlike the eunuch, the Emperor had a very large cock.

His favourite chicken was named Roma, after the great city itself. The Eunuch informed the Emperor Honorius of his mistaken confusion, and told him it was the city that had perished, not the chicken.

Honorius breathed a huge sigh of relief. His cock was safe, if not his not-so-precious city of Rome. Now to go rub it for some comfort.

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