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On This Day In History - 15th June

Charles the Simple
On This Day In History - 15th June
15th June 923, King Robert 1st of France was killed at the Battle of Soissons by King Charles III. Or, as Charles III is better known, Charles the Simple. Although possibly not so simple, as he did manage to kill Robert in single combat.
But, saying that, Charles the Simple was later defeated by Rudolph, not the red-nosed reindeer, but the Duke of Burgundy. Hmm, burgundy, Rudolph, and red. Do you see why someone might be a tad confused?
If you want to know how you can tell the difference between Rudolph, Duke of Burgundy, and Rudolph, of the Red Nose, one of them has four legs, antlers, and is chummy with Santa.
Image result for king john15th June 1215, King John of England applies his seal to the Magna Carta at Runnymede, near Windsor. This was a big thing in history. King John was forced to sign it by the English Barons. It protected the church rights, gave protection from illegal imprisonment, access to swift justice, and limited the feudal payments to the crown.
Neither the King or the Barons stuck to the agreements laid down in the Magna Carta. It was annulled pretty quickly and led to 1st Barons War. After King John died, his son, Henry III, re-issued the document in 1216, this time with a few amendments.
15th June 1300, the city of Bilbao is founded. It's in Spain. Yeah, I know. Who cares? Well, I'll tell you who cares - the Bilbaos. Bilbaons? Billybaons? Bilbaonians? Nope, not a clue.
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15th June 1502, Christopher Columbus lands on the island of Martinique on his fourth voyage. Three less than Sinbad. Although he was Italian, he couldn't make pizza and detested pasta and riding scooters without a helmet. It messes up the hair.
Columbus was employed by the Spanish Crown to voyage across the seas and sneak things back through customs so they didn't have to pay any tax or customs duties. He was actually meant to establish permanent settlements on behalf of Spain.
Image result for william the silent15th June 1580, Philip II of Spain declared William the Silent to be an outlaw. William didn't say a word. He never did. Perhaps that's where he got the name?
William the Silent was also known as William of Orange. Everyone from that Dutch principality seems to be called William, for some reason. The Dutch are revolting.
Yep, William the Silent led the Dutch revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs, setting off the Eighty Years' War. Wonder how long that lasted?
Since William kept silent, it wasn't an easy job to tell his troops what to do. He managed by copying how bees communicate. Through the power of dance.
Image result for witch15th June 1648, Margaret Jones is hanged in Boston for witchcraft. Did anyone ever burn witches, or is that all made up? It was the first execution of a witch in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. And that's not an easy place to spell.
The witch hunt lasted five years. Eighty people throughout New England were accused of being a witchy witch who does witchy things, but only fifteen were executed. Thirteen women and two men.
15th June 1752, Benjamin Franklin, yep, the President guy, proved lightning was electricity. He basically strapped three dozen hedgehogs to a kite and launched it during a storm. And that's why hedgehogs are so prickly. And always annoyed and angry. And why they now hate flying.
Image result for joseph bonaparte15th June 1808, Joseph Bonaparte became King of Spain. Thanks in no small part to his brother, Napoleon Bonaparte being Emperor and conquering Europe at the time.
You can say what you want about despot warmongers, small, angry Frenchmen, and nepotism, but it can improve your status in life.
Image result for goodyear tyre15th June 1844, Charles Goodyear receives a patent for vulcanization. It's a process where you train hard to remove all emotions from your mind.
Oops, wrong vulcanization. It's a process to strengthen rubber. It's why we can have tyres on cars nowadays.
And you're all wondering what's the difference between a tyre and 365 condoms? One's a Goodyear, the other's a great year.
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15th June 1864, Arlington National Cemetery is established around Arlington Mansion. It was owned by Confederate General Robert E. Lee, and is now a military cemetery where those who are killed in the service of their country are buried with honour.
The first soldier buried at Arlington was Private William Henry Christman of Pennsylvania on the 13th May 1864. There are also two Presidents buried at Arlington: President William Howard Taft and John F. Kennedy. JFK's brothers, Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Edward Kennedy, are also buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
Image result for boy scouts of america15th June 1916, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill incorporating the Boy Scouts of America. This means the Boy Scouts of America are the only youth organization with a federal charter.
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