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25 Quick and Interesting Facts About Andrew Jackson

Image result for fun facts about andrew jackson25 Quick and Interesting Facts about Andrew Jackson

1. Andrew Jackson was born on the Ides of March (5th), 1767.
2. He was the 7th President of the United States of America.

3. Andrew Jackson's parents were from County Antrim, Northern Ireland, emigrating to America in 1765 with Andrew's big brothers, Hugh and Robert.

4. Both North and South Carolina claim to be the birthplace of Andrew Jackson. No one is quite sure where he was born, although Jackson says he was told it in South Carolina at his uncle's home.

5. Andrew Jackson married his wife when she was still legally married to her first husband. Whoops.

6. When Jackson was 13 years old, he was a prisoner of war during the Revolutionary War.

7. During the Revolutionary war, he acted as a courier for the army.

8. Andrew Jackson was involved in up to 100 duels.

9. In 1806 he shot dead Charles Dickinson in a duel.

10. Andrew Jackson carried around two bullets inside him from duels.

11. Andrew Jackson won two terms as president, the first in 1828, the second in 1832.

12. He actually won the popular vote in his first attempt in 1824, but the Electoral College voted for Quincy Adams instead.

13. Andrew Jackson was the first president to suffer an assignation attempt.

14. On January 30th 1835, Jackson was leaving the US Capitol in Washington when Richard Lawrence pulled a pistol and fired. It didn't go off, so he pulled another. It misfired too.

15. Jackson led campaigns against the Creeks and Seminoles during his army career.

16. He was a signatory of the Indian removal Acts when was President.

Image result for uss andrew jackson17. Yet, during the Creek war in 1813/1814 he adopted two Native American boys.
18. Jackson detested paper money. Yet, he's on the $20 bill.
19. He had a nuclear-powered ballistic submarine named after him. The USS Andrew Jackson was in service between 1963 and 1989.
20. In 1835, Jackson became the first, and only, president to pay off the national debt.

21. Andrew Jackson died on the 8th June 1845 on his plantation at 78 years of age of chronic tuberculosis, dropsy. and heart failure.

22. He was briefly a zombie.

23. He died whilst being moved from a chair to his bed. Then came back again. But only briefly. 

24. Andrew Jackson had a pet parrot called Poll which could talk.

Image result for parrot25. At Jackson's funeral, Poll swore and hurled obscenities at the mourners. It was taken out. (of the room. It wasn't killed). 
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