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23 August - On This Day In History

Image result for octavianExecutions - ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY
On the 23rd August, 30 BC, the first Roman Emperor, Octavian, who later became know as Augustus Caesar, decided to take out his frustrations on a sock. However, when this didn't relieve the tension, he invaded Egypt and captured Marcus Antonius Antyllus, who had a very famous father.
Nope, it wasn't Darth Vader. It was, in fact, the one and only Marc Anthony. Marcus Antonius Antyllus had been sent to Octavian as a peace envoy. With memories of the disappointing sock still fresh in his mind, it was all Octavian could do to not kill him where he stood. Instead, the Emperor dismissed the boy, kept the money and plotted his revenge on the one true Marc Anthony, and his wife, Cleopatra.
He got quite miffed when he found out Marc Anthony and Cleopatra had committed suicide before they could be captured. But, as it happens, and as luck would have it, the son of the Marc, often called dipstick by his friends, was seen hugging a statue of the God Julius. Well, that was what he said he was doing. The gyrating was merely a form of ritual prayer.
Octavian took him prisoner, explained he should have used a sock like any normal pervert, and then had him executed for having the same name as his father.
It's not fair, oh, it's Pharaoh 
Caesarion, from the "Unravel the Mystery" Cleopatra exhibitAlso on the 23rd of August, in the year 30 BC (which stands for Bourbon Creams, which wouldn't be invented for another thirty years. Yep, how did these people live without those delicious chocolate biscuit goodness?), Octavian, not content with one execution, decided to kill another son of a famous Roman General.
Later that day it was Caesarion, king of Egypt, and the only child of Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, who would suffer the wrath of the future Augustus Caesar.
All this was basically done to secure his position as Emperor of Rome. He didn't want any other claimants popping up and taking what wasn't rightfully his.
Image result for mel gibson braveheartIt takes a Brave Heart to not shed a tear whilst watching that movie.
On the 23rd of August, 1305, William Wallace, starring in one of the worst and most historically inaccurate movies of all time, who tried to free Scotland from those barbaric English, was executed.
T'was a gruesome death.
First he was hanged, then he had his head chopped off, before his body was chopped into four pieces.
They were displayed around the country to discourage Mel Gibson from making anymore movies.
Who else ran from the cinema shouting, "FREEDOM. Give us our freedom. And out money back."

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