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Image result for battle of winchelseaON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 29th of AUGUST.
29th August, 1350, an English fleet under the command of Edward III, and his son, the Black Prince, who wasn't black, defeated a Castilian fleet at the Battle of Winchelsea, in the sea, where the water is, under the command of a soldier of fortune. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, and you can find him, maybe you can hire, Don Carlos de la Cerda.
29th August, 1475, the Kingdoms of England and France signed the Treaty of Picquigny, stating there would be an everlasting peace for both kingdoms. Which lasted about five minutes.
Image result for witches burning at the stake29th August, 1484, Pope Innocent VIII, who wasn't entirely innocent, as he approved the hunting and execution of a whole bunch of witches, became Pope.
Are you a witch?
Did You Know: When a new Pope is elected, all the Cardinals have to take a gander at his swing-lows, to make sure he is a dude.
29th of August, 1756, Fredrick the Great, king of Prussia, who was totally great, attacked Saxony. It sparked the Seven Years' War, which lasted for approximately seven years, and happened back in the day when they were really bad at naming wars.
Image result for nerd picking up girl29th August, 1831, Michael Faraday, call-me-mike, discovered Electromagnetic induction, for the sole purpose of picking up women at bars. The first part of his plan was a huge success. The second part, not so much. It wasn't until a few hundred years later that nerds would become cool.
Image result for 365 condoms29th August, 1898, the Goodyear tyre company was founded, for the sole purpose of the following joke:
What is the difference between a tyre and 365 condoms?
One is a Goodyear, the other is a great year.
Tyre or Tire? Which way do you spell it?
Image result for richard attenborough jurassic park
29th of August, 1923, Richard Attenborough, who spared no expense in building a totally awesome park full of dinosaurs, was born.
Question of the Day: Given the amount of accidents that occurred, would you visit Jurassic Park if it were to be built today?
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