Thursday, 9 July 2015

9th July - On This Day In History

Image result for anne of clevesON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 9TH JULY
9th July 1540, King Henry-of-the-many-numbers(8) had enough of wife number four, Anne of Cleves and has their marriage annulled. Off with her head.
Nope. Not this time. The annulment was given on grounds they didn't boink, which is hard to believe, but there you go.
Anne actually outlived all of Henry's other wives and is treated quite well. Henry referred to her from then on as the King's Beloved Sister. No wonder they didn't boink. That'd be sick.
Image result for rudolph reindeer9th July 1609, Bohemia is granted the freedom of religion by the Holy Roman Emperor, Rudolph II, who had a very shiny nose. It was red, according to accurate reports.
Less accurate reports suggest he also had antlers, was best friends with Santa, and pulled a sleigh.
9th July 1815, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Perigold became France's first Prime Minister. He served under various kings, as well as Napoleon, and then re-established the French monarchy after Napoleon's downfall.
He was sneaky, crafty, and cynical as was everyone towards him, and switched sides more times than a thing that switches sides a lot.
Image result for zachary taylor9th July 1850, President Zachary Taylor died.
He was the 12th President of the United States and one of a handful that died during his time in office.
He died of a stomach complaint that many believe was actually an Alien bursting from him, which then went on to consume his face before being killed by a predator.
9th July 1877. the inaugural Wimbledon tennis championships began. Game, Set, Don't light those matches you'll burn the place down.
Image result for australia9th July 1900, the inmates finally took over the prison.
Queen Victoria gave her Royal Assent to an Act of Parliament (the British parliament) creating Australia, and threw some shrimps on the Barbie, mate.
Happy Constitution Day, Australia.
Image result for johnny weissmuller
9th July 1922, Jonny Weissmuller broke the world swimming record in the 100 meters freestyle and also broke the minute barrier as well.
He swam it in 58.6 seconds.
He later went on to become my favourite Tarzan actor, before going bananas for Cheetah. Me Tarsan, you Jane.

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