Wednesday, 8 July 2015

8th July - On This Day In History

Image result for i come in peace shoot to killOn This Day In History - 8th July
8th July 975, Edgar the Peaceful, King of England, died. Ironically, despite his name, his rule of England was anything but peaceful.
In fact, it was full of conflict and murder, death, kills.
But, there was also pancakes.
Image result for confused kitten8th July 1099, during the First Crusade, 15,000 starving Christian soldiers marched around Jerusalem in a religious procession whilst the Muslim defenders look on.
"What the heck are they doing?"
"Protesting, I guess?"
"At what?"
"Something to do with the corruption in the professional game of soccer, I think."
"We should join them. That's a pretty serious and just cause."
Image result for charles xv of sweden8th July 1859, King Charles XV & IV becomes king of Sweden and Norway.
Yep, you're wondering the same thing as I am. Is he Charles XV or IV? Or are there two of them?
He is Charles XV of Sweden, and Charles IV of Norway. However, then it gets complicated.
He was in fact the ninth king called Charles in Sweden, and should be Charles IX. But, his predecessor made up a load of crap and re-invented certain parts of Swedish history, and so messed around with the number of kings called Charles.
So, Charles is therefore Charles XV. Or, just call him Carl.
Image result for uber
8th July 2011, the Space Shuttle Atlantis is launched in the final mission of the US Space Shuttle program. Mainly, they don't need the space shuttles anymore.
Aliens handed the US government transporter technology. They then awarded the contract to UBER who decided to eradicate any evidence of it so they can keep on using unqualified, unfit drivers to ferry people around the planet's major cities.

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Cute post. Sounds like Charles had serious name trauma. :)