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Unbelievable Facts You Might Not Know About Daffy Duck

Unbelievable Facts You Might Not Know About Daffy Duck
Daffy Duck is everyone's favourite Looney Tunes character, so long as we don't include Bugs Bunny and the other one. You know, the Pig.
Daffy Duck is a crazy, looney, zany and devious little duck. Both the arch-nemesis of Bugs Bunny and his best friend. Mostly depending on how many cups of coffee he had that morning.
But, did you know, he originally was normal. Well, mostly normal. Okay, not normal. He was a duck, after all. His character didn't develop into the fun-loving whacky character until a few years later.
Daffy Duck didn't originally have a lisp. He also more resembled an actual duck when he made his first appearance.
Daffy Duck made his first ever appearance on April 17th, 1937, in Porky's Duck Hunt.
Daffy Duck is the 3rd most featured character in Looney Tunes. Only Bugs Bunny and Porky Pig featured more.
Of course, you're all familiar with Daffy Duck's favourite phrase?
"What's up doc'"
Nope, wait a minute, that's Bugs Bunny.
Okay, I'm lost, what the heck did he say?
Who cares. He's very funny. So, let's all laugh at The Duck.
"You're deth-picable."
Only one of Warner Brother's characters is older than Daffy Duck. Nope, not Bugs Bunny. He is third. It's actually Porky Pig.
Daffy Duck had a wife. She was called Daphne.
Daffy Duck's nephew is called Plucky Duck.
Mel Blanc voiced the zany character of Daffy Duck for 52 years. He holds the world record for the longest characterization of an animated character.
Daffy Duck appeared in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He performed a piano duet with Donal Duck. Or, at least, he tried to perform a duet.
Daffy Duck also appeared in the movie Space Jam.
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