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25th October - On This Day

Image result for king stephen of englandON THIS DAY IN HISTORY - 25th OCTOBER
On the 25th October, 1154,  King Stephen of England (yes, there was a King of England called Stephen, I didn't make that up), also known as Stephen of Blois, died of My-Belly-Hurts-Why-Did-I-Eat-That-Spicy-Curry.
He was the grandson of William the Conqueror and sister to Matilda, who he fought a civil war with during his reign for control of England. It was, however, far from civil, as Matilda kept calling Stephen names and even slapped him round the face with a wet kipper.
Image result for henry ii of englandOn the 25th October, 1154, Henry II became King of England after the death of King Stephen. No matter how many times I write King Stephen, it just doesn't seem right. But there really was a King of England called Stephen.
Anyways, Henry II was the son of Matilda, would-be Queen of England, and proclaimed herself as Queen of England, even though she wasn't, but actually was, during the turmoil of her brother's reign (King Stephen).
Image result for battle of agincourtOn the 25th October, 1415, King Henry V of England and his army, as he didn't do it on his own, although he did try, defeated the French (yes, all of them) at the Battle of Agincourt.
The French army was far larger than the English army. The French had up to 36,000 troops, and anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 were killed.
The English army totalled about 9,000 and around 112 were killed.
Crikey Mr Spikey, that's a huge difference.
King Henry V of England actually took part in hand-to-hand combat, and even the odd bit of head-butting and shin-kicking. However, Charles VI, the French King at the time, was suffering from Me-Is-Big-Chicken syndrome and was therefore unable to personally fight.
Image result for gorilla dressed as bunny rabbitOn the 25th October, 1760, upon the death of his father, George II, who died, and was deaded on the same day, October 25, his son, George III, became King of England.
King George III of England is famed for suffering from Why-Is-There-A-Gorilla-Dressed-As-A-Bunny-Sitting-On-My-Throne syndrome.
Yep, crazy king George III was crazy-nuts-bonkers.
Although that doesn't answer the question: Why is there a gorilla dressed as a bunny rabbit sitting on my throne?
Oh, boy, that was a long day. Bring me some coffee.

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